Dua To Get Your Love

Dua To Get Your Love:. If you fall in love with someone and that person is not talking to you. In that situation you dont need to worry. We are telling you a powerful Dua to create love in that persons heart for you. This dua helps you to get better communication with that person and fall him/her for you.

Ring To Get Your Love 

Ring To Get Your Love:, Buy a silver or gold ring from any jewelry Shop. Take a bowl of water add red color in that. Put that ring in the water for 21 days and read Durood-E-Ibhrahimi For 21 days sitting Front of that bowl. On 21 Day wear that ring in your 1st Finger. after wearing the ring that person tell you that he is falling for you.

Note:- do this very carefully because its so effecting thing before doing anything please consult with us for better Result.

Amal For Love

From this Amal so many suicidal People get a new life. This amal is very powerful And effective. I will tell you how to do this amal. Take 2 white paper and light it. Collect the paper ash and add 1 spoon turmeric in the ash mix it well. fold it on your lover cloth. collect some white flowers and make them dry in sun.  grind it well and mix with that ash. put that mix everyday in your eyes after 11 days your lover come back in your life. that is very powerful before doing this consult with us


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